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Package scriptella.driver.scriptella

Driver for running Scriptella ETL files.

See: Description

Package scriptella.driver.scriptella Description

Driver for running Scriptella ETL files.

The idea of this driver is similar to Ant's <ant> task, i.e. it is suitable for splitting ETL files into sub-projects.

When ETL file is executed from another Scriptella ETL file variables context is propagated to the callee.

General information

Driver class:scriptella.driver.scriptella.Driver
URL:URL of the ETL file to execute. URIs are resolved relative to a script file. Not required.
Runtime dependencies:None

Driver Specific Properties

Name Description Required

Script Syntax

Put ETL file names or absolute URLs directly in the body of <script> element. File paths are separated by End-Of-Line tokens.

Use standard ${name} or $name syntax for properties substitution.

<query> elements are not supported.


The following example creates a database by executing external ETL file named create_db.etl.xml and then executes an SQL script over it:
    <connection id="createdb" driver="scriptella" url="createdb.etl.xml"/>
    <connection id="db" driver="oracle" url="jdbc:...."/>

    <script connection-id="db">
        INSERT INTO ...

The following example selects user_id, email from Users table and runs genreport.etl.xml and sendreport.etl.xml for each record found:

    <connection id="db" driver="oracle" url="jdbc:...." />
    <connection id="scriptella" driver="scriptella" />

    <query connection-id="db">
        <!-- Selects User_ID and EMail, this variables are visible in nested scripts -->
        SELECT User_ID, Email FROM Users
        <script connection-id="scriptella">
            genreport.etl.xml <!-- Generates report for User_ID -->
            sendreport.etl.xml <!-- Sends produced report to Email -->
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