Package scriptella.driver.xls

SQLSheet Driver Adapter for Scriptella.

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Package scriptella.driver.xls Description

SQLSheet Driver Adapter for Scriptella.

SQLSheet is a JDBC driver which allows you to interact with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets using SQL statements. This how-to page provides more details about using SQLSheet with Scriptella.

General information

Driver class:scriptella.driver.xls.Driver
URL:Same as for SQLSheet JDBC Driver.
Runtime dependencies:

Driver Specific Properties

Name Description Required


    <connection id="xls" url="jdbc:xls:file:report.xls" classpath="sqlsheet-6.1.jar; poi-3.0.2-FINAL-20080204.jar; jsqlparser.jar">

    <script connection-id="xls">
                    COL1 INT,
                    COL2 INT
    <query connection-id="db">
        <script connection-id="xls">
            INSERT INTO SHEET1 (COL1,COL2) VALUES(${rownum},${col2_value});


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