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Autodiscovery Driver for Scriptella.

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Package Description

Autodiscovery Driver for Scriptella.

Automatically discovers a driver based on the specified url. This driver is used by default if no "driver" connection attribute was specified.

Note: Autodiscovery serves for convenience purposes and works only with JDBC drivers and URL schemes supported by Scriptella, in other cases driver's name has to be specified manually. If you get error messages like Unable to automatically discover driver for url, that means the specified URL cannot be recognized and you have to explictly specify "driver" connection attribute.

Supported URL schemes:

General information

Driver alias name:auto
URL:Specific to an underlying driver
Runtime dependencies:Depends on an underlying driver.


    <!-- connection to a SQL Server database via JTDS driver-->
    <connection driver="auto" url="jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://localhost:1433/northwind"/>

    <!-- connection to a JNDI bound datasource -->
    <connection url="jndi:ds/appDataSource"/>

    <!-- connection to a Spring managed datasource -->
    <connection url="spring:myDataSource"/>

    <!-- connection to Mail driver-->
    <connection url="mailto:user@host?subject=Hello">

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