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Package scriptella.driver.jndi

JNDI Datasource Driver for Scriptella.

See: Description

Package scriptella.driver.jndi Description

JNDI Datasource Driver for Scriptella.

This driver allows to work with JNDI-bound datasource connections, useful in J2EE environment

This driver acts as a proxy and relies on JDBC Bridge.

General information

Driver class:scriptella.driver.jndi.Driver
Driver alias name:jndi
URL:JNDI name of the datasource
Runtime dependencies:None


Depending on your environment you may need to specify additional JNDI properties inside a connection element. These settings will take precedence over and System properties.


    <connection driver="jndi" url="ds/appDataSource">
        #Default settings should work in J2EE environment, but you may reconfigure JNDI here
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