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Package scriptella.driver.lucene

Lucene Driver for Scriptella.

See: Description

Package scriptella.driver.lucene Description

Lucene Driver for Scriptella.

This driver allows to search through Lucene v.2.x compatible indexed data.

Lucene scripting elements are implicit subclasses of Query base classe.

General information

Driver class:scriptella.driver.lucene.Driver
Runtime dependencies:lucene-core.jar

Driver Specific Properties

Name Description Required
fields List of comma-separated fields to be searched No, the Lucene default field 'contents' is used.
useMultiFieldQueryParser whether MultiFieldQueryParser or QueryParser to be used No, default value is false.
useLowercaseExpandedTerms whether terms of wildcard, prefix, fuzzy and range queries are to be automatically lower-cased or not No, default value is true.

Note: if MultiFieldQueryParser is used instead of QueryParser then all the query's terms must appear, but it doesn't matter in what fields they appear.


    <connection id="search" driver="lucene" url="file://PATH_TO_YOUR_LUCENE_INDEX">
    <connection id="out" driver="text" url="tst://testfile"/>
    <query id="search">
        title:script luc*e
        <script connection-id="out">$rownum+'. '+$title+' : '+$default_field</script>
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