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Package scriptella.spi

Service Provider Interface classes.

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Package scriptella.spi Description

Service Provider Interface classes.

Service Provider Requirements

Although Scriptella supports any JDBC Driver through JDBC Bridge, writing a custom Provider may be easier and more effective. The requirements for Service Provider are minimal:

Driver Registration

No special steps are required to register Scriptella Provider. Simply specify driver class name in a driver attribute of <connection> element. Examples:
    <connection driver="" url="provider:url"/>
You may also specify a driver's classpath. Classpath URIs are resolved relative to an ETL file:
    <connection driver="" url="provider:url" classpath="driver.jar;lib/driver-addons.jar"/>
In this case the driver is loaded using a separate classloader

Driver Alias

Putting a driver into scriptella.driver.SHORT_NAME package and specifying "Driver" as a class name automatically allows referencing the driver by a SHORT_NAME alias.
<connection driver="SHORT_NAME">
loads scriptella.driver.SHORT_NAME.Driver class.

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