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Package scriptella.driver.mssql

Microsoft SQL Server Driver Adapter for Scriptella.

See: Description

Package scriptella.driver.mssql Description

Microsoft SQL Server Driver Adapter for Scriptella.

See Overview of JDBC package for a description of common features and connection properties.

Note: The driver tries to load any available JDBC driver for Microsoft SQL Server. It supports both Microsoft and JTDS JDBC drivers.

General information

Driver class:scriptella.driver.mssql.Driver
URL:The same as used by the underlying JDBC driver
Runtime dependencies: Any driver from the following list:

Driver Specific Properties

Name Description Required


    <connection id="c1" driver="mssql" url="jdbc:sqlserver://localhost;database=test" user="username" password="password">
    <connection id="c2" driver="mssql" url="jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://host/test" user="username" password="password">
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