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Scriptella ETL Drivers Matrix

This document describes Scriptella Drivers supported by Scriptella. See also the Javadoc for the built-in drivers.

JDBC Bridge Drivers

Scriptella providers a set of built-in drivers for popular databases, see also JDBC Bridge Javadoc for common properties and behaviour.

Although usage of JDBC adapters is recommended you are free to use any JDBC compliant driver.
Adapter Name Scriptella Driver Name Native Driver Notes
IBM AS/400 Database scriptella.driver.as400.Driver
CUBRID Database scriptella.driver.cubrid.Driver cubrid.jdbc.driver.CUBRIDDriver
DB2 Database scriptella.driver.db2.Driver
Derby Database scriptella.driver.derby.Driver org.apache.derby.jdbc.ClientDriver; org.apache.derby.jdbc.EmbeddedDriver
H2 Database scriptella.driver.h2.Driver org.h2.Driver
HSQLDB scriptella.driver.hsqldb.Driver org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver
JNDI scriptella.driver.jndi.Driver Any JDBC driver This driver allows to work with JNDI-bound datasource connections, useful in J2EE environment
Microsoft SQL Server Database scriptella.driver.mssql.Driver This driver works with Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 JDBC drivers and also allows to use jTDS JDBC driver for Microsoft SQL Server
MySQL Database scriptella.driver.mysql.Driver com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
JDBC-ODBC Bridge scriptella.driver.odbc.Driver sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver JDBC-ODBC Bridge driver. The bridge implements JDBC for any database with ODBC driver.
Oracle Database oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver Built-in Scriptella driver for Oracle. The following extra features supported:
  • Simplified handling of PL/SQL blocks.
PostgreSQL Database scriptella.driver.postgresql.Driver org.postgresql.Driver
Spring Framework scriptella.driver.spring.Driver Any JDBC driver This driver allows to work with Spring managed datasource connections, useful in Spring Framework projects.
The driver requires scriptella.driver.spring.EtlExecutorBean to be used in Spring configuration.
Sybase Database scriptella.driver.sybase.Driver com.sybase.jdbc3.jdbc.SybDriver
JDBC Driver for Excel Spreadsheets scriptella.driver.xls.Driver net.pcal.sqlsheet.XlsDriver This driver allows you to interact with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets using SQL statements.

Non-JDBC Drivers

Adapter Name Scriptella Driver Name Notes
Autodiscovery Automatically discovers a necessary driver based on the specified url.
CSV scriptella.driver.csv.Driver The driver to write and query CSV files.
Janino scriptella.driver.janino.Driver This driver allows embedding of Java code into <query> and <script> elements.
JEXL scriptella.driver.jexl.Driver Allows usage of JEXL scripts in <query> and <script> elements.
LDAP scriptella.driver.ldap.Driver This driver allows executing LDIF scripts and search filter queries.
Lucene scriptella.driver.lucene.Driver This driver allows search queries through lucene indexed data.
MongoDB org.scriptella.mongodb.Driver Provides integration of MongoDB with Scriptella.
Mail scriptella.driver.mail.Driver Allows sending E-Mails via SMTP.
javax.script bridge scriptella.driver.script.Driver Provides support for JSR 223 compatible scripting languages like JavaScript, JRuby, Grovy etc. See JSR-223 script engines project for the list of supported languages.
Scriptella driver scriptella.driver.scriptella.Driver Driver for running Scriptella ETL files. Similar to Ant's <ant> task, i.e. it is suitable for splitting large ETL files into sub-projects.
Text scriptella.driver.text.Driver The driver for working with text data. It supports regular expressions syntax for quering and ant style property expansion in outputted text files.
Velocity scriptella.driver.velocity.Driver This driver allows to integrate velocity templates into script files.
vtd-xml scriptella.driver.vtdxml.Driver Implementation of vtd-xml as xpath driver for Scriptella.
XPath scriptella.driver.xpath.Driver This driver allows querying XML files with XPath expressions.

by Fyodor Kupolov